VPN in Hong Kong

    No log files
    Unlimited traffic and unlimited number of connections
    Custom Client Software
    Individual Port Forwardings
    Works on all your devices
    Fast support via email, forum and TeamViewer

    Hong Kong is one of the most popular server locations in the Southeast Asia region. Not only because of the high level internet infrastructure and excellent peering throughout Asia, but also because there is very little Internet censorship in Hong Kong beyond laws that criminalize the distribution of certain materials. Another advantage of the location is the good access to internet content hosted in Mainland China.

    However, it should be noted that authorities follow up on copyright violations as it is the case in many countries. Known as the "Internet Article 23" the Government is trying to push a set of proposed ordinances regulating the internet in Hong Kong, which would affect the legality of derivative works popular on the internet.[1]

    Like in many other countries, certain content from Hong Kong media sites may only be available to users with an IP address originating from within the country. For this purpose Perfect Privacy provides its users with a server in Hong Kong; by using it you will also make sure that all your internet traffic is being encrypted.

    [1] Wikipedia: Internet Article 23

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