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    Perfect Privacy offers premium servers located in France for users who want or need to use a French IP address. There are a few reasons for this: As it is common in many countries, media internet sites in France restrict certain content to people located in France by verifying whether a French IP address is used. This applies to the major TV channels TF1, TF2, TF3 and M6 as well as their Youtube-uploaded content.

    Additionally, if you are a French citizen and are traveling, certain personal services like online banking may not be working if you don't have a French IP address. In that case using a VPN server located in France will get around such restrictions.

    If you are in France there are some reasons why you want to not use a French IP for your activity: Certain content may be filtered and 2009 France has established the so-called "Three Strikes Law" that will suspend internet connections after repeated copyright violations.[1],[2] Hence public or commercial hotspots may restrict access to certain filesharing sites, et cetera. If you want to download from within France, you can always use one of the secure Perfect Privacy servers.

    [1] New York Times: France Approves Crackdown on Internet Piracy
    [2] BBC: French net piracy bill signed off

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