VPN in Netherlands

    No log files
    Unlimited traffic and unlimited number of connections
    Custom Client Software
    Individual Port Forwardings
    Works on all your devices
    Fast support via email, forum and TeamViewer
    IPv6 support

    The Netherlands are a popular and preferred server location for many users because of its excellent peering to almost everywhere in Europe. Perfect Privacy offers several Dutch VPN servers with up to 1000 Mbit/s bandwidth. These are well suited for all your download needs.

    If you are in the Netherlands, there are certain reasons why you might want to use an IP address that is located outside the country. In the recent past, several initiatives have been launched that aim at blocking specific content on a provider basis, such as copyright infringements. For instance, in 2012 the providers XS4ALL and Ziggo were forced by BREIN to block The Pirate Bay due to copyright infringement.[1] While this censorship was eventually lifted, there are ongoing efforts to block certain material from Dutch internet users.

    With Perfect Privacy VPN you can circumvent any future Netherlands-specific blocks by using one of the many servers outside the country and still enjoy the excellent peering with our Dutch servers when needed.

    [1] NU.nl: Ziggo en XS4ALL moeten toegang The Pirate Bay blokkeren

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