VPN in Turkey

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    You should use a VPN in Turkey, because the internet access is heavily restricted and censored compared to other European countries. All traffic passes through Turk Telecom’s infrastructure, the largest Turkish broadband provider. This allows centralized control over online content and facilitating the implementation of shutdown decisions.

    Censorship and selective filtering are being applied for a number of reasons, including political ones like insults to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (credited as the founder of the Republic of Turkey) or even for reporting news on Southeastern Turkey and Kurdish issues.[1] In February 2014 these controls were tightened even more[2], which led to censorship of many popular sites such as Youtube and Twitter.[3]

    Additionally, the governmental association RTÜK can impose bans on Internet sites without prior judicial approval. This is commonly used to block file sharing sites or other trademark and copyright violations.

    Despite the broad internet censorship you may still have reasons to use a Turkish server if you are outside the country: Certain Turkish media content may be restricted to users with a Turkish IP address. Additionally, such restrictions may apply if you want to access personal accounts as a Turkish citizen, such as online banking. For this reason Perfect Privacy offers you a server in Turkey but you can always switch to one of the many alternative servers across the world to circumvent the Turkish internet censorship.

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    [2] Reuters: Turkey's Gul approves law tightening Internet controls
    [3] BBC News: Twitter website 'blocked' in Turkey

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