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VPN features for a secure online experience

Perfect Privacy offers you a variety of exclusive VPN features with the usual premium quality to protect yourself from the dangers on the Internet such as surveillance, malicious software, data corruption, and even advertising. Benefit from features like NeuroRouting, TrackStop, Multi-Hop VPN and much more. Find out which functions are right for you.

Overview of the exclusive features

Multi-Hop VPN


Use Multi-Hop VPN to protect yourself from tracking and monitoring. In VPN Manager, you can create a cascade over four hops with the push of a button and thus connect up to four VPN tunnels in a cascade. Your data is end-to-end encrypted four times.



NeuroRouting ensures that your data remains within the strongly encrypted VPN network of Perfect Privacy for as long as possible. A neural network and our algorithms constantly calculate the best routes for your destinations on the Internet. This happens dynamically - depending on the websites you visit.



TrackStop is a filter that blocks content from untrusted or unwanted sources. Stop annoying advertisements. Defend yourself against social media tracking. Block harmful phishing and malware websites. Protect your children from inappropriate content. Individually adjust the filter settings according to your needs.

Stealth VPN


Stealth VPN is a method to counter against Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). In some restrictive networks and countries, it is used to detect and block VPN traffic. Stealth VPN masks the VPN packets and makes them look like regular HTTPS packets. Since this protocol is also used for secure data transmissions, most firewalls do not block it, and VPN can be used in restricted networks.

Kill Switch

Kill Switch

The kill switch functionality ensures that you are protected against IP leaks even if the VPN connection is interrupted. The Kill Switch prevents the connection to the Internet until the VPN connection has been reestablished. The automatic emergency disconnection is available in 3 different security levels and can be set conveniently in the VPN Manager according to your needs.

IPv6 Support


Benefit from full IPv6 support. There are more and more services on the Internet that offer their services over IPv6. But not every Internet provider offers IPv6 connectivity. With Perfect Privacy, you are automatically assigned an IPv6 address and can, therefore, use IPv6 at any time and anywhere in the world. Of course, the VPN Manager has protection that also prevents leaks over IPv6.

No Logs

No Logs

We do not store any of your data. We have created our server infrastructure so that it is not possible to record data at all. The data, therefore, runs on ram disks to ensure that there is nothing left when a server is disconnected from power. If you are worried that a security agency could intercept a server while it is running, use a cascaded connection as mentioned above.

VPN Protocols

VPN Protocols

Perfect Privacy offers you a wide range of different protocols and services for your desired purposes. OpenVPN and IPsec for extra strong encryption, SSH2 tunnel for individual encryption, HTTP proxies and SOCKS5 proxies if you need extra high speeds, or forwarding a tunnel.

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